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What’s this site about?

It is about two of my hobbies: scripophily i.e. collecting and researching old stock and bond certificates (see Scripophily section from the main menu and related articles Scripophily & related) and travels, also those on 2 wheels (see published articles, category Travels, sections…

(Polski) Obligacje skarbowe – zysk bez ryzyka?

Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish.

Strange Soviet bonds

City of Kazan Cleanliness and Beutification Loan. It looks like a bond, it’s called a bond but it’s not a bond as we understand this term.

It is a lottery ticket – holder of this ticket was obliged to work for 2 days for the City of Kazan, his performance was confirmed by stamping or validating…

Second Indian War Loan of 1918

Until recently I’ve never seen one of those, there is no trace of such bonds in Google which pulls out very few (and poor) results related to “second indian war loan”. Considering the fact that British India paid its debts, this was short term loan and 100 rupees was quite a…

Historic assets scams

I have been collecting stock certificates for many years and because I am interested not only in Polish pieces I try to keep in touch with international scripophily market in order to be able to add from time to time something new to my collection.

Recent additions

Recent additions:

History of money in Poland: Currency before 1939 and Currency after 1939
Bonds of Polish People’s Republic: Poland 1944-1989
Article about Bank of Poland (Bank Polski SA): Bank of Poland

Postcard by Vitcatius

Postcard written by Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz (Witkacy – Vitcatius) during his stay in Zakopane and sent to his friend, Jan Leszczyński, resident of Tarnowiec near Jasło:

Travellers checks – history and applications

Short story about travelers checks and their more or less unorthodox applications. I will not translate the whole story into English as the subject is well covered by English language resources available from internet so no point in duplicating this information here.

However it is worth noting that…

Polish-American Navigation Corporation

Interesting polonicum – 7% Ten year bond of Polish-American Navigation Corporation established in 1919.

Polish-American Navigation Corporation (Polsko-Amerykańskie Towarzystwo Żeglugi Morskiej) was a shipping company founded in 1919 to operate a cargo service between New York and Gdańsk (Danzig). In December 1920 a passenger…

With exchange back to normal…

.. or misselling of 5% City of Warsaw 1921 Development Loan bonds to gullible US investors.

Speculative investment in 5% City of Warsaw 1921 Development Loan bonds denominated in depreciated polish marks was supposed to generate hefty profits “with exchange back to…

PKO? But which one?

While writing an article about discovery of (in my opinion) new type of government bond of the 2nd Polish Republic in the form of PKO Savings Book I came to the conclusion that term “PKO” spelled as Pekao” is at least ambiguous if not misleading and often is being…

PKO “W” Savings Books

Confusing instrument: it says “Post Office Savings Bank” and “Savings Book” on the front cover but there is a state bond inside:

This bond was…