G650 xCountry

... or few words about my bike.

In 2009 I got my first two wheels with an engine – 50 ccm Sachs Madass with V-max of 62 km/h. Quite soon I have found out that it is too small for longer trips, but anyway during two seasons I have covered a distance of 19.000 on this small contraption. I wanted a bigger bike but there was a small problem – no drivers license of any sort (50 cm3 did not require one). With the x Country it was a love at first sight. I saw the bike and at that moment I was positive that this is the bike I want. Then there was a period of making various inquiries about the bike and its characteristics in order to make sure that my feelings towards the bike would be sort of reciprocated. I did not have an experience with anything bigger than 50 ccm so I wanted the bike which would be fairly immune to my stupidity and lack of experience.  From today’s perspective it has been an excellent choice. The switch from Madass to xCountry was not an easy task for me because x Country was much bigger than Madass and what was even more important, it did require manual shifting. Eventually (after 3 failed attempts) I managed to pass the road test and got the “A” license in 2011.

Below you will find some photos and information about this (very uncommon in Poland) model:

The rest is in English as there was almost nothing available in Polish

Presentation of all 3 X-es: http://www.bmw-motor…x/en/index.html

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both are a goldmine of information and excellent source of ideas for tuning and modifications.

If you have any questions: