Few words about my first hobby (traveling being the second, and motorbike being the third) known by an English term “SCRIPOPHILY” i.e. collecting and researching old securities and financial documents…

I am interested in documents related to financial markets operations and their history: old stock or bond certificates, financial and banking documents such as letters of credit, certificates of deposit, options and other financial instruments represented by physical documents and related factual literature, such as stock exchange year-books, securities manuals, company reports, economic periodicals, newspapers etc…

I have underlined “factual” character of related literature” on purpose, as I am not interested in all those modern albums depicting old securities, as they do not contain any useful information.

I collect all kinds of financial documents related to Poland and central government bonds from any country plus all kinds of documents I found interesting.

Below you will find links to other pages dedicated to my hobby – each article/item is usually illustrated with sample image of relevant document. If there are more documents available for viewing then a click on an image will transfer you to the complete gallery. Each bond has been scanned by myself – there are no images which have been “borrowed” from the internet. Sometimes there are other attachments such as texts of legal acts and regulations related to the issuer or particular issue.

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