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Few words about my first hobby (travelling being the second and motorbike being the third) known by an English term “SCRIPOPHILY” i.e. collecting and researching old securities and financial documents…

I am interested in documents related to financial markets operations and their history: old stock or bond certificates, financial and banking documents such as letters of credit, certificates of deposit, options and other financial instruments represented by physical documents and related factual literature such as stock exchange year-books, securities manuals, company reports, economic periodicals, newspapers etc… (I have mentioned “factual literature” on purpose as I am not interested in modern albums depicting old securities as they do not contain any useful information). I collect all kinds of financial documents related to Poland and central government bonds from any country plus all kinds of documents I found interesting.

I will buy old shares and bonds

If you found this page because you want to sell any old stock or bond certificates please send me short description of what you have and the price you expect to get. I am always interested to acquire new specimens to my collection. Keep in mind that I do not provide “remote” valuations!

Below you will find links to other pages dedicated to my hobby – each article/item is usually illustrated with sample image of relevant document. If there are more documents available for viewing then a click on an image will transfer you to the complete gallery. Each bond has been scanned by myself – there are no images which have been “borrowed” from the internet. Sometimes there are other attachments such as texts of legal acts and regulations related to the issuer or particular issue.

Partitioned Poland

Few issues which are either typically Polish although were floated while Poland was not an independent country or which are closely related to Poland because they were either floated on Polish territory or issuer was located/registered there  - Kingdom ...

Polish State Bonds 1918-1939

Below you will find the result of my own research of the history of state bonds issued between 1918 and 1939 by 2nd Polish Republic - Catalogue which (in my opinion) contains complete list of government bonds (within the scope I have defined) issued...

Polish State Bonds 1944-1989

Bonds of Polish People's Republic:

Bank of Poland

Bank Polski SA has been established on 15 April 1924 as public limited company with share capital of 100.000.000 złoty. On 28 April 1924 it became operational as a bank of issue replacing PKKP (Polish National Credit Cassa). It is so called "second" ...

Free City of Danzig

The City, which comprises the Municipality of Danzig and surrounding territories, was established in conformity with the Treaty of Versailles (Arts, 100-108) and placed under the protection of the League of Nations. In 1920 Danzig became a Free and Sovereign...


General Governorate for the occupied Polish territories (Generalgouvernement für die besetzten polnischen Gebiete) - puppet state, or more precise colony of the Third Reich. Initially there was an idea to create some sort of local government like ...

National Economic Bank

Bonds issued by Land Bank of the Kingdom of Galizia and Lodomeria and its successor Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (Bank for National Economy or National Economic Bank) which survived II World War, hibernated through times of Polish People's Republic, got...

State Agricultural Bank

Państwowy Bank Rolny (State Agricultural Bank) was established in 1919 as Polish Agricultural Bank. In 1921 the name was changed to State Agricultural Bank. PBR was providing short and long term loans to landowners (small, medium and large) as well ...

Mortgage banks

Mortgage banks - commercial banks which were allowed to issue mortgage backed bonds.

Mortgage Credit Societies

Mortgage credit societies - providers of long term mortgage loans to land and property owners. Additional documents (conversions of 1933 and 1938, liquidation etc. - in Polish): Ustawa z dnia 20 grudnia 1932 r. o obniżeniu oprocentowania ...

Cities and provinces

Municipal, local and provincial issues

Foreign gov't bonds

Bonds issued by central governments of various countries - I think that in Poland I am the only person interested in them. Luckily government bonds (with few notable exceptions) are not very popular with collectors so unless there is some speculation...


Under construction... just few pictures so the space is not wasted especially that some people look for shares rather than boonds [settings from https://blog.starepapiery.com/o-papierach/zagranica/]

Currency before 1939

(Polski) Pieniądz na ziemiach polskich Pieniądz to podstawa ekonomiki, zatem zajmując się papierami wartościowymi warto mieć jakieś pojęcie o stosunkach pieniężnych panujących w danym okresie. Dlatego zamieszczam tutaj ogólne informację na ten temat - ze względu na kontekst (emisje papierów wartościowych które mnie interesują) obejmują one mniej więcej drugą połowę wieku XIX i wiek XX, czyli okres świetności obrotu papierami wartościowymi w ich normalnej postaci (normalnej, czyli materialnej).

Currency after 1939

(Polski) Pieniądz na ziemiach polskich Część II - od 1939 roku po czasy współczesne Na początku września 1939 roku Bank Polski ewakuował się wraz z personelem i prawie całym zapasem złota przez Rumunię do Francji, a później do Wielkiej Brytanii. Pomimo ewakuacji banku centralnego jego banknoty nadal pozostawały w obiegu na terenie Polski w jej granicach z 31 sierpnia 1939 roku - ostatecznie wycofano je w 1940 roku. Obywało się to różnie w zależności od tego, kto dany obszar zajął.

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List of sources (paper or electronic media) I have been using in my research. Quite extensive - it contains almost 1500 items. If you have any questions related to publications listed please contact me and mention publication reference number provided...